What we do

We are headquartered in Singapore but have
a global presence, with offices also in South Korea,
Indonesia and Russia.


Our Business

BK Energy & Investments operates across the energy and power spectrum. Core to our business are natural gas, LNG, coal, oil products and power.
We source and trade commodities. Our business is founded on the long-term relationships we’ve developed
with our customers, on our expertise, market understanding and reputation.

We do end-to-end project development in infrastructure and energy sector, including feasibility study, financial modelling, project planning,
sourcing, financing. We invest in various projects, mostly in energy sector, waste management and food production.

BK Energy & Investments is committed to projects that allow us to develop, sustain and improve the world around us.
We focus on clean and renewable energy, CO2 reduction projects, waste management and projects that allow to improve health and
wellbeing of people around globe.